Landing my dream job: A six month plan



It’s been about two months since my last post, and while I’m disappointed about the time I had to take away, I’m very happy with the reason why.

Last month I landed my dream job.

No, really, I’m not kidding!

It turns out that if you follow your interests, don’t settle for jobs you aren’t happy with, and are willing to bust your ass to get by while you figure it all out…sometimes you actually come out on top.


Now that I’m back I thought kicking this new beginning off with a post about my experience seemed appropriate, so here goes–

How I landed my dream job: A six month plan (with 20ish steps):

1. Quit the job you hate

2. Watch A LOT of daytime television

3. Think about job searching

4. Get overwhelmed and seek comfort in your friends from “The View” and “Kelly and Michael”

5. Make a new resume (this will take you about 1 month if you’re like me)

6. Network (post one news article to LinkedIn and email a few friends to ask if they know anyone who will hire you)

7. Start applying (mostly craigslist ads, you don’t have time for applications)

8. Hear nothing back, but feel accomplished because you sent out 3 resumes

9. Apply to more jobs

10. Get rejected

11. Get overwhelmed and quit

12. Start watching (gulp) soaps

13. Start feeling guilty and stressed out all the time

14. Run out of money/available credit

15. Try again

16. Get a job at Starbucks

17. Apply to 27 jobs, start talking to anyone and everyone you can about your search

18. Land a few interviews

19. Lay on the charm

20. Go for the dream (even if it pays the least)


Check out my introduction on my new company’s website!


Don’t worry, I may be living my dream but I’m still a broke liberal arts grad, and I still work at Starbucks on the weekends.




Amanda Cripps is a writer and marketing professional taking one day at a time in the NH Seacoast. You can follow her on Twitter @AmandaCripps

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