Coping With Tragedy

Photo Credit: chase_elliott via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: chase_elliott via Compfight cc


Yesterday life as we know it changed.

The world seemed to take one more sharp turn for the worse as the sacred and jubilant Boston Marathon abruptly morphed into something sinister and evil and dark.

In light of these tragic events it is important to take a moment to absorb the situation and react appropriately, though it’s hard to know what that might mean at this devastating time.

I guess it’s just another life lesson we must learn in the world we’re growing up in.

How do we deal with this tragedy? We know we will go on, but it seems all but impossible to understand how at this time.

Here are a few humble reminders:


1. Take care of yourself

Acknowledge that your feelings are real and valid, even if you weren’t there and didn’t know anyone directly affected. Talk about those feelings with friends, loved ones, or grief counselors and know that it’s okay if you don’t feel better right away. Keep to your routine as best as you can and try to moderate the amount of news you watch so as not to become consumed with your grief.


2. Take action

This tragedy is not an event with immediate volunteer opportunities as the Boston area is already inundated with people and travel is difficult due to road closures. However, after most tragedies you can find information available from news sources regarding ways you can participate in the relief effort. You can also help from afar through broader efforts such as raising awareness, collecting needed items, and participating in blood drives.


3. Take time

Know that while it won’t get better right away, it will get better. And take comfort in the fact that “The good outnumber you, and we always will” -Patton Oswalt.




amanda003.jpgAmanda Cripps is a writer and marketing professional taking one day at a time in the NH Seacoast. You can follow her on Twitter @amandacripps

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