The Best Advice I Ever Got

All my life I fantasized about my grandfather’s death.

I’m not a sick person, I swear.

My grandfather was the most important person in my life, but he was old from the moment we first met 24 years ago. I knew one day he just wouldn’t be there anymore, and I always imagined how it would happen. I figured the world would pause for awhile while I took in his last words—a final message of advice just for me, of course—as he closed his eyes for the last time.

You know, just like a movie.

When it finally happened it was so sudden that I didn’t have a chance to compare the events to my fantasy as they unfolded.

And while I did get my advice, it was in between hilarious medication-induced fits of delusion and appearances of body parts I wish I could un-see.

To this day I’m not sure how coherent he was when he uttered his words of wisdom.

“Don’t let things go,” he said from the hospital bed where I had seen him wake that morning with a newspaper draped over his bare ass.

And this is the guy I’m taking advice from.

Anyway, as anticlimactic as their delivery was, these are treasured words that I try to live by every day.

When it comes to your life, your goals, you dreams—don’t let things go. Don’t put things off and don’t be put off. Be a force.

It’s that message that drives me to pursue what I want out of life, to take risks and to accept challenges. That message has me writing this blog today. Who knows what it will inspire me to do tomorrow.



What words drive you?

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